Coordinate and direct the company’s financial planning and budgeting as well as the payroll systems provided for its accounts, billing, collections, budgeting and financial reporting.  Formulate guidelines and control policies for credit management, accounting and budget administration; Advice management on short-term and long-term financial policies, objectives and actions.

Monitor financial details to ensure that legal requirements pursuant to building codes and regulations are met; oversee construction - building-monitoring and maintenance -, property-management-, accounting-, accounting-, and financial vendors to ensure vendor operations relating to the Company are with agreed-upon budgets; review company financial reports and identify area in which costs could be reduced;  Direct preparation of reports required by the government agencies, financial statements, and financial position forecasts.

Set guidelines for receipts, securities, financial documents, banking, security, disbursements.  Review daily reports, and periodicals presenting data setting forth current and long term trends in investment risks/advantages. Perform complex analysis of financial reports as well as perform internal auditing to verify the accuracy of company’s records and check for mismanagement or waste. 

Analyze prices and methods of marketing and provide information to management on matters, such as effective use of resources and assumptions underlying budget forecasts. Keep abreast on current accounting standards, organizational procedures as well as federal and state policies and directives. Interprets budgets to management. Develop and install computer-based accounting systems.

40 hrs/wk. Bachelor degree in Economics or similar + 5 yr exp in Financial Analyst or similar [any suitable combination of education, training or education will be acceptable]. 

Mail resume: J. Mamaliger, Lucky 7 LLC, 17777 Ventura Blvd., #220, Encino, CA  91316 


Based on experience

About Lucky 7 LLC

Lucky 7 Management Corporation is a small, fairly new business management company in Encino, California. It opened in 2010 and now has an estimated $120,000 USD in yearly revenue and approximately 2 employees.