Easy Phone Interview Techniques

Dial Your Way To a New Job Phone interviews are another link in the interview chain. Used as a first impression, phone interviews set the stage for you to make a dazzling mark on your hiring manager. But how do you manage to wow them over the phone? Our phone interview techniques can help. Get ready: Prepare for a phone interview as you would any other in-person interview. Compile a list of questions amazingfake.me, have your resume ready, have a pen and paper handy for note-taking, and choose a convenient, uninterrupted time in which to take the call. Save lunch for later: You wouldn’t eat, chew gum, drink, or smoke during a regular interview, so don’t during a phone interview. No one, especially not a hiring manager, wants to hear chewing in their ear! Smile: Smiling actually changes the tone of your voice, projecting positivity and confidence to the interviewing on the end of the line. Stand up: Yes, really. Sitting down makes your speech sound confined. Instead, stand or walk slowly around the room. This gives your voice an air of self-confidence. Practice: Talking to your friends on the phone is easy,patek philippe twenty-4 hours replica watches but talking to an interview is a different experience. Practice enunciating and speaking clearly on the phone in order to be prepared for your interviewer’s questions. Close: Don’t get off the phone until you know what to do next. Ask what the process is for an in-person interview. The more information you can get, the better—and don’t forget to still send a thank you!.