Five Taboo Interview Topics

Keep It Clean

Today’s age of social media leaves little to the imagination. People are over-sharing all over the place, but an interview is one place where you can’t say anything. Read on for a list of taboo interview topics that are best left at home.

Salary: Salary is best talked about after you’ve received a job offer. If you bring up how much you’ll make too early, it seems as if all you care about is money.

Foul language: Be professional and don’t swear or use any profanity during an interview. Avoid stereotyping, slurs, or any disparaging language.

Medical Issues: Don’t tell the person in charge of hiring you about your health problems. Avoid talking about any illnesses or conditions to garner sympathy from a hiring manager. If you have any issues about the health plan, ask to see a copy of the benefit report.

Politics & religion: Opinions on touchy matters are best kept to yourself. Unless you’re applying for a political or religious job, these topics are verboten. You don’t know the affiliations of your interviewer and you don’t want to offend them.

Company information: If you’re interviewing for a position at a company, you should know what they’re all about. Asking “what does your company do” makes you appear ignorant and out-of-touch, not to mention immature. Do (at the very least) basic research before you meet with your interviewer.