How To Dress For An Interview

The outfit you put on for an interview is almost as important as your resume. Why? Interviews are all about presenting ones’ self to be considered for a company. Looking sloppy or incomplete can denote to hiring managers that you’re not serious about an interview and you won’t be serious if hired in a position. Don’t chew gum, finish all beverages and food before the interview, cover all tattoos, remove piercings (earrings only is a good rule), and follow these guidelines on how to dress for an interview.

Men’s Interview Attire:
A suit in dark grey or navy
Long-sleeved dress shirt (white goes with everything)
Tie in coordinating color
Conservative leather shoes and matching belt
Dark dress socks
Neat grooming (shaven, hair combed and trimmed, clean fingernails)
Light aftershave or cologne
Portfolio or briefcase

Women’s Interview Attire
A suit in black, dark grey, or navy
The skirt of the suit should be long enough that you can sit comfortably. No shorter than your fingertips when arms are at your side is a common rule.
Blouse in a coordinating color
Conservative shoes, such as a low-heeled pump
Limited jewelry
Professional, neat hairstyle
Neutral pantyhose
Light perfume and makeup
Portfolio or briefcase