Top Ten Interview Mistakes

First impressions are integral to a successful interview. Hiring managers have to interview at least a handful of potential hires, and you want to be the one to stand out—in a good way. Avoid making these top ten interview mistakes and you’ll be sure to be one step closer to a new career. Lying on your resume: Sure,IWC Replica padding your resume may get you a meeting, but lying to hiring managers and future bosses will get you dismissed faster than you can say "cover letter attached". Dressing inappropriately: Like they say, dress for the job you want, not the job you have (or the job you’re interviewing for). Err on the side of conservative. For many positions, this means a suit. Bashing your former employers: Even if your relationship with your last employer ended not-so-amicably, how you speak about past employment gives a hiring manager a taste of how you could speak about him or her when you’ve moved on. Talking salary too early: While everyone works for a salary, inquiring about what you’ll make too early signals to a hiring manager that you’re only in it for the cash. If a company sees you as money-hungry and unwilling to become a part of the team, they’ll hire someone who is the opposite. Not asking questions: If you get this job, you’ll spend 40 hours or more a week sitting in your office. You should have some questions about the company, the culture, and the position you’re applying for. Not asking questions shows a lack of interest and seriousness about your interview. Not doing research: As previously stated, you could potentially spend a good chunk of your life at the company you’re interviewing at. Know the company, know what they do, what they’re about, and why you want to become a part of the team. Silence your cell: A ringing cell phone signals disinterest, rudeness, and disrespect to the interviewer. Being late to your interview: Set as many alarms as you have to to be on time. In fact, show up ten to fifteen minutes early to your interview to settle in, fill out remaining paperwork, and get into charming interview mode. Lack of prepared answers: Like Polonius says in Hamlet, “To thine own self be true.” Study a list of common interview questions, know your answers, and be ready to present them to your interviewer. Making demands: As an interviewee, you’re still not employed by company. Making demands of a place that hasn’t even hired you yet is arrogant and rude. If you must make a series of demands about your position, wait until after you’ve received an offer.