How To Take Advantage of LinkedIn

Smart Social Networking

Social networking isn’t limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. LinkedIn is a great social networking tool to aid in your job search—if you know how to use it. Follow’s tips on how to take advantage of LinkedIn and make your profile work for you.

Fill out a complete profile: LinkedIn is search engine-optimized, so the more information you have in your profile, the more likely it will show up when people Google you. Add your full resume so potential employers and connections can see the full record of who you are.

Don’t forget the photo: : Differentiate yourself from others with the same name by including a photo. LinkedIn’s own research finds that profiles with photos are seven times more likely to be viewed than those without.

Don’t use the standard “connection” message: Make a personal connection and write a personalized note to those with whom you wish to connect. The form letter feels cold, and adding a more human touch reminds potential connections they’re meeting people, not Internet profiles.

Join groups you’re interested in: Join and follow groups that reflect your own interests. They’re more likely to have jobs you’d like to apply for, insight from tastemakers, and more.

Follow companies you’d like to work for: Following companies you admire or are interested in can lead to first dibs on new positions and openings.

Get recommendations: This newer feature on LinkedIn allows you to request recommendations from anyone you’re connected to. These blurbs validate your work, like a gold star for your profile.

Check in regularly: Dormant profiles are often forgotten, so remain an active LinkedIn user. If you’re only networking when you’re out of a job, you’re not building solid professional relationships.